Why A Skylight?

Aesthetically pleasing

Natural light - daylight or moon & stars

Added ventilation

Energy efficient

Environmentally friendly

Added daylight without loss of privacy

We use only top-quality Velux skylights


At Main Street Roofing we know that the most important quality in a skylight is the quality of the skylight itself. That’s why we install only Velux Skylights.

A top-quality skylight brings more to your home than added light. Being able to look up at the stars at night, or see stunning blue or clouds flitting across the sky during the day, will uplift your spirits and give you an added sense of space and quality of life in your home.

During our Canadian winters when our daylight hours are shortened and the sun’s rays are weaker, a skylight brings enhanced natural light into your home in the daytime and makes the long winter nights seem less dull.  In the warmer months skylights provide extra frsh air and breezes, reducing reliance on more expensive and less environmentally friendly cooling measures.

With new homes increasingly being built closer together, skylights provide a way to add natural light and a sense of space to your rooms, without a loss of privacy. Small bathrooms and bedrooms will seem less enclosed with a skylight overhead.

At Main Street Roofing we know the dangers of an improperly installed skylight – water damage to your home and possessions is the most common complaint we hear from from a homeowner who tried to DIY. We’ll ensure all flashings are custom cut and fitted for years of leak-free enjoyment of your new skylight.

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