Roofing Dundas, Ontario

There are some pretty nice houses in Dundas. Ever driven through the town? Nice place, well cared for. Even the smaller homes have copious landscaping. It’s also known as the “Valley Town” because it’s situated below the escarpment.

And the Dundas roofing. Oh the roofing. All those beautiful Dundas roofs with their view of the escarpment. We’re jealous.

Some of these houses have your standard asphalt roofing, the standard for a residential roof in Dundas faire. Other roofs are more modern, using colour in elegant ways. Still further, some of these Dundas roofs use cedar shingle roofs, and few even have slate roofs! Now those are something to look at. And they can last quite a while, maybe even beyond the rest of your lifetime.

My point is, if you want to see what quality roofing looks like, take a swing through Dundas, Ontario. A lot of that roof work out there is nice (and Main Street Roofing has done lots of it!).

Perhaps you, dear reader, live there. Are you, by chance, looking for a roofing company in Dundas? We may be located in Hamilton, but we service Dundas as well. Give us a call and let us show you the many ways we can install a beautiful and functional new roof for your Dundas home.

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