Oakville Roofing

Oakville Roofing

Well would you look at that. I thought Hamilton was a market saturated with roofing companies. It looks to me, though that everyone and their brother from Toronto to Brantford wants to work on Oakville roofs. I think it’s because Oakville does have some very nice roofs and nice houses.

Seems to me, though, out of the 30+ competing Oakville roofing companies I counted that very few of them are…well, let’s just say I wouldn’t hire them to work on my roof. Of course I may be biased, but I’ve got good reason to be.

Main Street Roofing brings over 20 years of quality craftsmanship and experience, and we’ll bring it right to your Oakville roof too! In that 20 years we’ve worked on a lot of different types of roofs. Standard asphalt shingles, slate roofing, even beautiful cedar roofs.

There have even been a few times that our Oakville roofing company has installed copper roofs with metal flashings. Now how many times have you seen a copper roof? They look really good on the round turrets that a fair amount of the houses in Oakville have.

So if you’re shopping for a roofer in Oakville, shop around! We’re confident in our work and pricing, especially compared to some of those other guys.

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