Commercial Roofing Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton’s a pretty big city, supported by a lot of industry. That means a lot of commercial buildings, and a lot of commercial roofing to be done. Good for Main Street Roofing, since we do commercial roofing in Hamilton, right?

The main Commercial Roofing page on our website can tell you all about the BUR (built-up roofing membrane) method we use, and how it works. You can see a few photos of roofs we’ve done, and even read up on the comprehensive warranty we offer. While these things are useful, we’d also like to give you a bit more information about Hamilton commercial flat roofing with regards to weather. Canadian winters can be harsh. And even though the escarpment provides those of us to the east with some weather protection, it doesn’t entirely eliminate wind and snow, and the damage that can do to our roofs.

Flat roofs use bitumen at a slight grade to waterproof a roof and allow drainage where intended. The waterproofing is reinforced, and then an aggregate surface makes it durable. It’s when the water doesn’t flow, for example when it becomes ice, that problems can occur.

Preventing those kinds of issues takes skill – the kind of skill that 50+ years of roofing experience gets you. And guess who has that? Main Street Roofing.

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