Cedar Roofing Burlington, Ontario

There is a lot that can be said about cedar wood roofing shingles. They’re beautiful. They can last 50-60 years if you treat them right. Cedar shakes also have a tendency to breathe a lot better than most other shakes without locking in moisture, which can help the longevity of the underlying structure.

Not to mention, cedar shingles can give a house that certain je ne se quoi that homeowners looking for roofing in Burlington, Ontario want to have.

Bottom line, Main Street Roofing (that’s us!) sells and installs all kinds of cedar roofs to Burlington and area homeowners. Whether it’s an existing roof you’re looking to re-do or a brand new cedar shingle roof on a brand spanking new home, we’ve got you covered.

And, you might not know this, but we’re one of a shrinking few Burlington area roofing companies that actually works with cedar wood roofing shingles. We’ve got experience with them, and that means a lot. Ask the other guy who sells them, “How many cedar shingle roofs have you done?” and they’ll probably hesitate. I know, everyone has to start somewhere, but do they really have to start on your roof? Especially with something as nice as a cedar shingle or shake roofing.

Bottom line, you want a cedar shingle roof – something natural, that lasts a long time, and stands out in your Burlington, Ontario neighbourhood? Cedar shakes or shingles are for you. Give us a call, or contact us here of more information.

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