Roofing Do's & Dont's #1

Shingles that are installed with nail guns frequently require re-work and result in customer frustration.
Hand-nailing shingles avoids future problems and ensures a longer life for your new roof.

Shingle manufacturers require proper nailing or the warranty will be voided. Poor installation with nail guns is usually the reason for a warranty being voided.

Roofing Do's & Don'ts

2. Shingle manufacturers and roofing contractors have earned their reputations – research before making your roofing decision. Check with BBB (Better Business Bureau), WSIB (Workplace Safety & Insurance Board), and ask for references.

3. Existing shingles and all flashings should ALWAYS be replaced with new roofing.

4. Roofing sub-contractors are not working for you, they are piece workers. A dependable roofing company has their own trained and hourly-paid employees who will typically provide better workmanship than a piece worker.

5. Always use Ice Shield on eaves, valleys, and low slope areas to prevent ice build-up from damaging your roof.

6. Ventilation is very important, and extra vents are not expensive.

7. Only use licensed and insured roofing companies to avoid potential roofing disasters.

8. Deposits should never be paid or required upon signing a roofing contract – payment should always be on completion of work.

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